WRITTEN BY: Fiona Sprott

DIRECTED BY:  Sarah Drew

JEZEBEL: Sophia Haworth

THE MANY HIMS: Luke Hoban & Christopher Batkin


A darkly comic journey through the mayhem and madness of Jezebel's sexually charged take o life (which feels increasingly difficult), love (or the lack of it), fame (or something like it) and fortune (how else could she afford her cocktail habit??). A Modern Woman of the Sex and the City generation grappling with the dilemma of managing her career, her partying and her loneliness between bouts of excessive sexual intimacy (shall we call it?) 

When offered the role of directing this script, I jumped at the chance to breathe life to this challenging and thought-provoking tale. I enjoyed the challenge of bringing to life a story, told mainly through monologues and reflections, trying to balance the show and the tell.

Jezebel’s story of love, life and the pressures on young women is a tale that is as relevant today as when it was written 20 years ago. Jezebel is a strong, successful and independent woman, seeking her place in the narrative that we are fed through society and media. The notion of romance has been romanticised; she has ideas of what love is and where it should be found but struggles when her conception does not match reality. She has worked hard to achieve financial and business success, but is told she is inferior as she has not yet ‘found the right man’.

These are some reviews that we've received from our audience members. 


A review of our debut show by Backstreet Brisbane!

"Dry humour and dry martinis are served up in Rouge Theatre Company’s highly polished first production, directed by Sarah Drew, exploring the dark side of casual dating and the media myth of the modern woman who “has it all”."

- Backstreet Brisbane

To celebrate our first production as a company, we interviewed the playwright Fiona Sprott. 

Weekend Notes published the interview by Marina Marangos.

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